Karon Temple

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Wearing: Phuket street stall harem pants (similar here), CC Double O sandals (similar here), Juicy Couture necklace (similar here), Perlini’s Silver Necklace (similar here), Tocco Toscano bag (similar here), The Moon Label rose quartz ring (similar here)

Photos by Hee Teck Lye

As mentioned in my earlier Phuket posts, I was hooked and completely in love with the local street clothing finds at Phuket since day one, these harem pants being the best and the cheapest of my finds. Every female tourist in Phuket was wearing these harem pants, and its no wonder as they are loose, comfy and the print designs on them are so exotic and elegant! To be more accurate, most tourists (a large portion were westerners) were wearing them as a pant, but I being the five foot three (160cm) small dwarf that I am, they fitted perfectly as a jumpsuit. I am not sure whether to laugh or cry at this, but the fact remains that this piece was immensely comfortable and made me feel like an Arabian princess floating about the streets. Paired with my new leather sandals from CC Double O, I felt decidedly middle eastern and foreign in this get-up. It was easily one of my favorite outfits of the trip, and I knew I had to find a perfect location to shoot this in. When I saw Karon Temple with its gold, red and blue-green hues, I was immediately convinced this peacock feather-like print would complement the temple grounds perfectly and I was not wrong.

Gillman Barracks

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Photos by myself

Gillman Barracks is actually one of my most adored spots to adventure in within Singapore. Other than being an incredibly unique, secluded and beautiful art space, what is specifically intriguing about it is its history; the fact that it used to be a former military camp which accommodated the expansion of the British infantry. The place simply breathes history. It is also always chock full of amazing art that changes frequently, such that there are perpetually new galleries and fresh artists to soak up. I can’t remember the number of times I’ve been to this beautiful space with friends, my girlfriend and previous dates alike, there is always something amazing and different about the creativity this place exudes. I am already looking forward to my next visit, and all the future art exhibits to come.