Color Pop

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Wearing: Top from Bugis Street (similar one from Topshop), American Apparel high waisted shorts, Rubi jelly sandals (similar here)

Photography by Ruth Lee

As I edit and browse through this last photography post taken in 2014, I think to myself how fitting it is that I ended it with a trip to a museum. As a former art student and a huge appreciator of the arts, I am almost always taking time off to visit a museum or two with Ruth, a public space which we are both at home in. We have been slowly making our rounds around all the art spaces in Singapore and it is so fortunate that as a Singapore Citizen/Permanent Resident we are allowed to soak up most art galleries in our city free of charge. Ruth loves museums even more than I do, and it was her brilliant idea to visit the Peranakan Museum which we had never set foot in before. I remembered Peranakan culture as something I used to study with dread back in the day during Literature class, and all knowledge of it since then cast aside, however Ruth is part Peranakan and that fueled my interest to restudy this hybrid culture with a more enthusiastic mindset this time.

Purely due to the beautiful graffiti we chanced upon right beside the museum exterior, we decided upon an impromptu fashion shoot featuring the graffiti as a backdrop. As we all know one thing leads to another, and obviously being avid photography nuts we ended up with a huge set of photos. It is interesting to note that I am almost always dressed in casual clothes such as these on my days off exploring art or nature, as opposed to my usual dressy made up self in town. A simple tee, shorts and a pair of sandals are all I really need, lending a freedom of ease and convenience that I sometimes forget to give myself.

Florals and Hidden Treasures

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Wearing: Forever 21 romper (similar here), Topshop boots (similar here)

Photography by Ruth Lee

Florals for spring. Maybe Miranda Priestly would not have approved, but I love me a light, fresh, floral look on a sunny day. Having traditionally feminine taste at times, I tend to go a little crazy over dainty, ladylike, nature-inspired prints. Don them on a cute little romper and give me an hour or two under the sun frolicking about in the grass and I am absolutely content. This adorable number from Forever 21 is one of my most convenient favorite outfits to wear absolutely anywhere, but especially on dates or on hikes due to how comfortable and chic it looks.

You probably recognize the backdrop of this shoot from my post on Ancient Rail Corridors way back in December, and more than two months later, here it is. (I really need to work on getting all the fashion shoots I did last year out of the way.) Despite this post being way too late, it remains one of my all time favorite photoshoots. I had been anxious to find a spot along the trail to shoot this pretty print, and when I saw a dilapidated green shed standing lone and forgotten a little out of the way, I fell in love immediately and knew I had to use it as a backdrop. It was perfect; I especially loved how my worn leather boots complemented the grubbiness of the shed.

Also, owing to Ruth being a very conceptual and out-of-the-box photographer, I was forced to lie at the side of a gravelly tunnel for some low-lighting mood shots. If I looked uncomfortable in the picture, it is because I was, but the shots turned out uniquely avant-garde, and I managed to remove almost all the stones and sandy bits out of my hair after that, so all was well. This is why I love adventures with Ruth so much, we never know where and what we’ll end up doing for the sake of art.