Chinese Garden

_MG_0165 _MG_0196 _MG_0213border _MG_0214_MG_0216border _MG_0218 _MG_0251 _MG_0270208

_MG_0305 _MG_0308 _MG_0319 _MG_0360 _MG_0361border _MG_0381 _MG_0388 _MG_0415 _MG_0441_MG_0426Ā _MG_0445 _MG_0449border _MG_0476 _MG_0496 _MG_0505 _MG_0509 _MG_0521border _MG_0526shoes _MG_0527 _MG_0539Wearing: Lace back dress from Kuala Lumpur street markets (similar here), Pedro wedges (similar here), Forever 21 chandelier earrings (similar here)

Photographs by Hee Teck Lye

It was such a peaceful and breezy morning when this shoot took place. In all honesty, despite the turnout of beautiful pictures in each of my fashion posts, most of time, due to typical Singapore weather, the location would be sweltering hot which actually makes for great lighting. However it usually means a physically uncomfortable shoot for me, and I am usually too obsessed with getting my shots right to have time to take in the gorgeous scenery at the same time. This shoot was unusually comfortable for me, because the winds were in my favor and blowing my hair in very flattering patterns all up my face and thanks to the natural ventilation, I was able to stay cool, relax and breathe throughout the shoot, taking in the gorgeous landscape. I had a smile on my face almost throughout the entire duration I was there, and in between shots, I could literally feel my spirits lift. There is a lot more to the Chinese Garden than is revealed through these pictures, and I am planning on returning in the near future for another fashion shoot, this time to capture some of the other bridges and pretty foliage.

The funny thing was there were two other groups also doing photoshoots at the same time. We gathered that because Chinese New Year was approaching, the pagodas were a popular spot. Due to the congestion, all of us models, photographers, and random assortment of crew were squeezed onto two of the tiny pagodas and courteously taking turns to use the space, which I thought was very gracious of everyone, and made for an even more wonderful shoot.

Happy New Year of the Sheep everyone! It is my year as I am born under the Chinese zodiac of the Sheep! Wishing all of you, but especially my fellow sheep signs, a blessed year ahead.

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