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Wearing: The Editor’s Market printed cropped tee (similar here), Cache Cache navy playsuit (similar here), booties from Zhejiang street stalls (similar here)

Photos by Ruth Lee

At times, we need to to get away to a space where creativity can run free, away from the bustle of everyday responsibilities, to explore concepts or ideas that linger in our minds. This shoot which took place sometime last year was a prime example of that. Amidst family vacations and school responsibilities that took us away from each other, my girlfriend and I went on a mini adventure to Xiao Gui Ling for aĀ  fashion shoot early one Saturday morning, only to realize other photographers were out location scouting as well. Xiao Gui Ling is indeed a beautiful place where creative minds congregate to get inspired. An hour or two there with a picnic, a shoot where conceptual ideas flowed like water and then hurrying away to beat sudden storm clouds, definitely left us with lighter hearts and footsteps for the rest of the week.


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