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Photos by myself

This weekend I was raring to shoot a spot that was relatively interesting and also close to my heart,Ā  so I chose Hindhede Nature Park & Quarry which is part of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. When I was younger, my parents would bring my sister and I hiking in these parts almost every weekend, which explained why I used to be extremely fit and stronger than most children my age, and could easily outrun all the boys in my class. This is no longer true as I now appreciate staying sweat-free most times. Unfortunately, we arrived to realize the entire hill was cordoned off due to renovation works (making the inner paths less resistant to erosion and visitor-friendly with reinforced steps and barricades, although back in the day there was nothing of the sort and the climb could prove dangerous and daunting) so we stuck to Hindhede, which is a relatively newer part of the reserve, and included my favorite playground spots and quarry. Coming here on a weekday and having the hill closed meant there was almost no one about, except a questionably friendly old man who called out to us when we reached the quarry, then got absorbed in his book as we left, and we were extremely fortunate to see so many animals out and about. One of my most fruitful days exploring the reserve to be sure, I am so grateful the animals came out to model for my camera.


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