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Wearing: House of Sunny Contrast Ovalong Bomber, H&M turtleneck cropped top (similar here), Cache Cache skirt (similar here), H&M sneakers (similar here), Baggu backpack (similar here), Star ofĀ  David clear quartz necklace

Photos by Ruth Lee

First of all, I hope 2015 is treating all of you right and you are off to a fabulous start, energized and raring to take the year on! Thank you for your constant support on my blog and instagram, it is deeply appreciated, and I wish the best for all of you.

I admire and adore nature for all its calming, healing wonders, but at heart I am undoubtedly a city girl. I grew up loving shopping malls and my idea of a relaxing walk could be merely coasting the streets of Orchard Road with my best friend, in the heart of Singapore’s city and shopping district. There is just something about the bustling, ever changing landscape and opulence of the shops that draws me, and simply window shopping and looking at what’s new enthralls and energizes me to no end. This opinion wasn’t popular among my previous dates, however, most of whom shunned crowds and absolutely detested shopping malls. I, on the other hand, journey here alone at times for actual spiritual rejuvenation and a day spent in the city with my bestie can do wonders for my spirits! I definitely am a person who recharges through the energy of others.

In this shoot, I am wearing something a little different than what is usually seen on the streets of Singapore, an oversized coat from House of Sunny that is snug and perfect for the sudden bout of chilly weather here on this tropical isle. This is probably the most prized piece of clothing in my wardrobe right now, I simply adore the neutral tones and comfy fit. I can’t wait to see how this coat looks in true blue winter weather abroad one of these days.


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