Still Waters

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Wearing: Corda sandals (similar here)

Photos by myself

The Bukit Batok Nature Reserve is first and foremost to my mind, a special and dear landmark in my life. It is the park where I spent most of my childhood weekends and grew up loving. Although its current playground is different than what it used to be in the past, it is no less beautiful, and I see new generations of children who enjoy it now as much as I used to. There was a time when I walked the trails and played here as a child with my sister and parents. Many of my teenage years were spent taking long, therapeutic walks here with my best friend whenever things got overwhelming at school, and I also came alone whenever I was troubled (and it was often). The still waters and natural environment of the reserve tended to have a magnetic calming effect on me, and I have a habit of seeking solace in nature. Presently, this place is a favorite photography spot between my girlfriend and I. It holds fond memories for me, a spot I will always return to and call home.


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