Ancient Rail Corridors

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Photos by myself

The other day my girlfriend and I were raring for adventure again, so we decided to check out the infamous abandoned railways of Singapore, choosing to explore the trail from Buona Vista to Queensway Road with the help of this map. This was one of the longest trails I had been on for a long time! As a child I used to go hiking and adventuring (and getting lost exploring) all the time with my parents, but as I morphed into my teen years, the thrill of the outdoors was gradually replaced by the thrill of the internet and shopping malls, and only now, was I uncovering real adventure once more. Along the way we were exceedingly delighted with the discovery of numerous quaint locations, including abandoned temple grounds, endless jungle trails, secluded bungalows in the middle of a forest and once were forced to scale the steep slopes of an underground passage due to flood on the main ground. We also managed to uncover the railway tracks, which you have to scour the trail to find, as they are mostly half buried by the winds of sand and time.

I can’t even begin to describe how therapeutic the whole journey was, abandoning the bustle of the city for a couple of hours and reconnecting with nature, with not a soul for miles in sight. (During the entire duration of our journey, we only met one lone traveler.)

At the end of the trail we disengaged from the wilderness by scaling a grassy slope to emerge on the side of a highway like a couple of dusty travelers from another time.

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