Wearing: Primark maxi dress, Forever 21 jacket, H&M socks, Jeffrey Campbell sandal platforms, The Moon Label ring, Perlini Silver necklace

Photos by Ruth Lee

The Discovery Centre is a large unpopulated compound chock full of Singapore history, vintage artifacts and as pictured, life-size models of war vehicles. It is the perfect backdrop; in sync with themes of war and the suffering of children, for my girlfriend’s photography assignment this semester. Inspired by the Zombie music video by The Cranberries, we embarked upon a shoot that contrasted harsh military equipment with the fragility of a single child-like human who takes up arms amidst the beauty of flowers and trees. A shoot filled with many contrasting aspects.

The place itself, other than serving the incredible purpose of photo shoot location also happens to be a wonderful treasure trove of facts created for the sole purposes of preserving and disseminating our country’s history. It is specially dedicated to commemorating the ones who served in the army in the past and those who have made our military forces the stronghold it is today. For these simple reasons I think it warrants a visit from every Singaporean.

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