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Wearing: Forever 21 pants

Photos by myself

At times with the chaotic pace of city life, there needs to be a getaway. To a place where time stands still, an alternate dimension in a faraway fantasy land. Sometimes your imagination is sufficient to take you places. And sometimes something in the real world shows you wonders your brain could not have come up with.

Xiao Gui Ling is the breath of fresh air from a different world, inducing an immediate meditative stupor in me the moment I stepped in. The visceral visual onslaught, the birds chirping, the sunlight streaming down coolly through the trees, two women sitting on a rock having a conversation. And yet I felt like I had the entire world to myself. I probably stayed there hours, but who could tell, when time had virtually stopped. Exploring every nook and cranny, taking in the dreamy wilderness, snapping pictures, imagining the future, sitting on a rock… it was sunset when I made my way home, my life a little fuller.

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