Snow White

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Wearing: Cotton On tee, Cotton On pinstriped sweatpants, H&M sneakers & Baggu backpack

Photos by Ruth Lee

Meadows of green. Crop circles. Scarecrows. Cornfields. Sunflower fields. I’ve always wanted to run about like a child and maybe do a shoot or two in these (like how I envision myself in my meditative happy place), but being an urban landscape Singapore doesn’t offer many such places. This is one of the closest we found to a widespread field, and it was a dream. A field just beside the neighborhood of Bukit Gombak, alive with clusters of wildflowers, stone walls of varying lengths, wide grassy plains stretching as far as the eye could see and jungles in the backdrop. The best thing about the place was its complete serenity!Ā  There was no one about because nobody was interested in climbing a hill of untamed grass to venture into the wilderness. I was game to explore further, but my girlfriend was feeling iffy about the unknown lands (and its unknown animal inhabitants) and she was holding the camera, so we did not stray. All I have to say is the flowers were absolutely glorious, and they were teeming in abundance. Tiny wildflowers are my favorite, as they are so natural and pretty in their own way, and don’t demand for attention like large and colorful blooms.

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