Cao Dai

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Photos by myself

Travel well and learn forever. That is my life’s motto. Even a tiny island like Singapore has beautiful hideaways everywhere. This is one of them, and it’s only a minute’s walk from my house. I have lived in this flat for more than a decade, and only a few weeks ago was I introduced to this mini Garden of Eden. With its tiny springs, fountains, and wishing wells, it is a veritable little heaven tucked away in the quiet neighborhood of Bukit Batok. It has its loyal admirers, as the owner of the garden informed me, many people go there at sunset for the best pictures. I was sweating heavily under the hot afternoon sun and trying to adjust between the lowest and second lowest ISO settings of my Mark 2, but I think the pictures turned out lovely even in the glare. As the gardeners as well as the garden are equally inviting, this space beckons visitors and welcomes all.

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