Nature inspires

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Photos by me

Last weekend, we made a trip to Bukit Gombak for a little fashion shoot, knowing beforehand that the place had beautiful fields which would provide the most wondrous backdrop. What I had not expected however were other little surprises in the form of quaint gardens and the amazing expanse of greenery that greeted us upon arrival, not to mention the different forms of wildlife. Early on a Saturday morning, there were a handful of random souls out and about in the park, but they were few enough to feel the bliss of solitude amongst nature. Nature is one of my greatest sources of comfort and inspiration, and I am so blessed to live in a green city, where greenery and plants are integral parts of the urban landscape, and once in awhile I find wonderful, quiet places like these that serve as a perfect place to relax, explore, and unwind for a few hours.

Stay tuned for the fashion shoot that takes place amongst Gombak’s wide fields and wildflowers.

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