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Wearing: black tank, floral denim overalls, and Topshop boots

Photos by myself and Ruth Lee

The Fullerton Hotel is one of the grandest hotels in Singapore and my girlfriend has an absolute undeniable love for it. It has been her fondest dream to spend a night in one of its rooms for our anniversary (something that will probably happen in the near future). In the meantime, The Fullerton has become one of our all time favorite photographic spots, and so it made sense that she chose this place for her school photography project. I graciously agreed to be her model, and this is the end product. A fashion shoot inspired by elements, details and the planar qualities of neoclassical architecture characteristic of The Fullerton.

Of course we also took the opportunity to take a million pictures of our day in this beautiful district, but I limited the photographs in this post to this particularly magnificent icon of Singapore. The last photo especially was extremely heartwarming. A perfect moment in time captured an old couple dressed to the nines in the lounge, with the husband bending over to pass something to his wife. We had noticed this sweet old couple earlier on during the shoot and later on when I noticed them within Fullerton itself I could not resist taking a snap. I can only hope to be as lovely and graceful as this couple in my old age.

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