Ann Siang Hill

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Photos by me

Being an avid photographer, I have always been amazed at the beauty that I find all around me in Singapore. Perhaps it is because people have become so convinced in thinking that Singapore is boring and tiny, and because I am always drawn to places teeming with crowds, (cough, Orchard Road, cough) that whenever I find something of a gem here, it really feels magical.

Most of the time, I chance about these spots completely randomly too.

My girlfriend and I were walking about Chinatown one morning, ready to head to town, when we stumbled into these lovely rows and rows of shop houses. Both of us simply cannot resist vintage buildings and despite the hot weather, we were immediately drawn into this cute little district, full of old buildings, mosques, gardens and quaint shops. There are also bars and cafes galore, which would only begin to attract crowds later in the day. I cannot begin to describe how happy and excited we were with this new found spot! It is definitely going to be one of those places where we visit on a quiet weekday night, or serve as a splendid location for future shoots.

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