Labour Day


So it’s Labour Day today and I met Ruth for a lovely date, but PMS kinda ruined it a little for me, cause I got irritated over many small things. I’m sorry baby. PMS is honestly THE REAL bitch, karma knows how to be cool if you’re cool. Anyway it’s the day after my assessment, and I’m honestly feeling aimless because I technically haven’t got any real deadlines coming up anymore and so my brain is making me become COMPLETELY SLOTH-LIKE.

After our date, I went home and wandered about the house, although I mostly didn’t move from the bed.

So that was very eventful.

On a more serious note, I couldn’t be happier or more satisfied with my time spent during FCVA. I feel like I’ve grown so much, learned so much and found my passion, and all in the short span of a few months. I am extremely grateful for my wonderful classmates and lecturers to whom I owe a lot, I couldn’t ask for a better start to my life in the arts. ā¤

Also I may also go back to modeling.



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